In order to allow resumption of formal group activities, a COVID-19-related addendum has been temporarily added to SNCKC’s Activity Waiver and Release of Liability to be signed before each paddle. Full vaccination will also be required for participation, including a booster.

Club Trips

Most paddling trips take place on the lakes, rivers (Class I or lower), and coastal areas of Northern California. A trip committee determines locations and dates, or at the suggestion of any club member. A leader volunteers or is appointed to organize each trip; however, each paddler is responsible for his or her own safety. We ask all paddlers to read and sign a liability waiver annually and before each paddling trip with SNCKC.

Day Trips:  Trip leaders will send out details one to two weeks prior to the event. Additional day trips will be added to the trips schedule as the paddle season progresses. If anyone has questions or ideas for outings, please contact Marlee Chamberlin.

Nonmembers:  You’re invited to join us as our guest on a day paddle before becoming a member. Contact Membership Chair, Susan Rossman, Membership Chair at for more information. Please contact Susan well in advance of the trip so there is adequate time to make all arrangements.

Camping Trips:  One of the reasons to join the club! Members always look forward to our getaways throughout the summer where we can paddle waterways farther from home. It’s also a time to enjoy camaraderie with fun people and explore other areas in Northern California. Information will be posted about campground reservation dates well in advance.

Due to the popularity of these outings, we sometimes have to limit the number of campers on a trip for better enjoyment for all. Once you sign up for a trip, it’s a good idea to call the campground and make a reservation on the first date of opening in order to secure a campsite. (Scroll down for trip details including reservation information and dates.)

Trip Schedule – 2022

August 10 – Wednesday
Lake Natoma – Sharon Cabello
September 1 – Thursday
Donner Lake / BBQ – Marlee Chamberlin
September 14 – Wednesday
Lake Clementine – Susan Shanelec
September 24 – Saturday
Lake Tahoe / DL Bliss – Chris Crain

Camping/Overnight Paddling Trips

August 18-22 – 4 nights
Twin Lakes – Marlee Chamberlin
September 6-10 – 4 nights
Mendocino Coast Rivers / Jug Handle Creek Farm – Carol Yoder
(Contact Carol for availability.)

Exact dates dependent on weather and/or leaders.
*We need leaders. If you can lead a trip of your choice, contact Marlee Chamberlin at 530-272-4804 or

7/30/2022  Revised

Find Trip Details Here (for members only)