Late Afternoon Paddle at Lake Wildwood

Met up with a SNCKC group of five at Vista Park in Lake Wildwood. The day was a sunny 76º with a slight but variable wind.

Reflection – Peter photo

We launched at 5:00, and given SW wind over the dam, we paddled CW around Pine Island and then across the dam to the north side… then downwind into Strawberry Cove and around Peacock Point. Took a group photo at the big house and crossed over into Hideaway.

At the big house – Peter photo

Some paddled into Deer Creek bridge, while others lingered in middle to shorten miles. We all met up and paddled out of Hideaway to the eagle’s nest. Mom was in the nest and as we were about to leave the area the big male flew in and perched on a nearby tree. Really cool. Depending on the route each group paddled, we did 4 and 5 miles around the lake.

Sunset over the dam – Peter photo

As expected, the 5-7 mph wind died in the late afternoon and the lake was flat at sunset after the paddle. Afterwards, we enjoyed a drink and snack at Bullmastiff Brewery in Penn Valley.

Peter Johnson
April 2, 2022


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