February Paddle on Lake Clementine, Auburn State Recreation Area

With Covid and MIA trip leaders, it’s been a while since our last club paddle. N.  California weather has been unusually warm, so many of us looked forward to a paddle on Lake Clementine put out by trip leader and president, Chris Crain.

Saturday was a cool 58º at 9:30 am driving down the steep, narrow, and winding road to the ramp… frost on the road had just melted. Wow! 10 kayaks were already at the small ramp area with all paddlers wearing jackets as it was colder in the shade. 15 SNCKC-ers showed up to enjoy the warm day. By the time the group launched at 10:30, there was no wind and it had warmed up to 65º.

The group paddled up Lake Clementine past Robbers Roost with great reflections on the flat lake.

The trip had been stated to be 3.5 mile to our lunch stop. (GPS showed actually 4.1 miles, so 8.2 miles round trip.) At 3 miles, the upriver current got strong. Big effort was needed with slow going at 1.6 mph for another mile to our takeout on the gravel bar just before the rapids. Some first checked out the rapids, but the lake was too low to engage. The temperature was now 75º, and off came our warm jackets.

After lunch, the lake was still flat, and we enjoyed the current with no wind on most of the paddle back to the dam and boat ramp. Seems we had an A team and C team 🙂 going both up and back. Photo shows Chris checking to see that all were with us.

Another big car jam at the ramp as all tried to load kayaks. Wow! Seems leader Chris realized he had left his wallet, keys, and phone at ramp as the group launched. He was concerned, but walked up to the fee booth to find all had been turned in. Thank you someone 🙂

With Covid precautions still in place, we loaded up our kayaks, said bye, and all headed home. I really missed the beer stop after our paddle 🙂

Peter Johnson
February 14, 2022

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