The Show Must Go On – Meeting in the Time of the Delta Variant

Our September all-member meeting took place at Seaman’s Lodge as scheduled with some clever planning by the BOD. Pizza on the “terrace” followed by the presentation inside. All participants were vaccinated, masked, and did their best with social distancing. June recorded the event for posterity with some photos begging for captions. 09/23/2021. Photos by June Anderson.

Gwen shows Tammy her eating utensils for the picnic on the deck

Connie caught in the act after filling her canteen with wine from the box

Joe’s wondering, “Why did I ever agree to come to this meeting?” Tom’s not sure either.

Sharon explaining to Susan why she cannot possibly speak during the presentation. Marilyn trying to pretend she’s not eavesdropping

Marlee happy Chris has finally figured out how the projector works

Is Kit reminding Judy and Colleen how things were done in the club back in 2003?

Wendy and Tom just being photogenic

Marlee making sure the potential new member pays for his pizza

Finally…let’s get down to some serious eating. Didn’t we all come for the Northridge pizza?

Alan informing everyone once again he had to pick up the pizza

Debi and Tom making the best at having to sit in the overflow section. Sorry, Rachel, you were in that section too, but didn’t make the photo.

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