Making lemonade out of lemons on a fun “cancelled” paddle

Clearly some of us do not check email messages frequently enough.

Given the smoky conditions in the area due to many wildfires, the chances for the Rollins Lake Forward Stroke Clinic were iffy. Chris had said he would let us know around noon if the paddle was off. I checked email at 1:00 and there was no message, so I prepped for the paddle. (Okay, I had a short nap first given midday smoke before loading my kayak.) The AQI forecast for the 4:00 pm meetup time was 87. I left home for Rollins at 3:15… without rechecking my email.

The smoke looked okay as I approached the Greenhorn entrance, and I saw Chris parked there… to meet members who didn’t see his 1:20 cancellation message! There were two: new member, Laura, and me.

Given the trees in the distance were smoked out, we decided we would limit the length of the paddle. We helped Laura unload her sit-on-top kayak and launched at 4:15… a sunny 85º, smoke okay, and paddled into the lake.

Turned out the lake was mainly flat with little wind and the reflections were nice.

On one occasion a redneck clown on Jet Ski buzzed us/me with donuts. Powerboats were few and usually just provided fun waves.

The smoke did come back, but the low sun made for red cliff views. We got off lake before it got too bad.

Thanks to Chris for his leadership and follow through, waiting at the Rollins gate just in case some members did not get his cancellation message… and then demonstrating a SNCKC can-do spirit in a situation like off-on smoke, which is not easy to predict, by ensuring those members who showed up were not too disappointed by making lemonade out of lemons. It turned out to be a fun “cancelled” paddle of 5 miles.

Peter Johnson

PS:  Probably no one really cares about actual email post times and old guys/younger gals who do not check email in a timely manner, but funny story.


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