Our Club

The Sierra Nevada Canoe and Kayak Club (SNCKC) was formed in 2003. This recreational paddle club enjoys flat water, slow-moving rivers, and protected ocean settings. SNCKC includes people of varied skill levels, with basic paddling ability and equipment that meets club safety requirements. While most members reside in the Nevada County foothills, there is no residency requirement. Those who have become members of our club come from Placer County, Sacramento County, Yuba County, and from as far away as Reno and the Bay area.

The purpose of SNCKC

  • Share paddling as a safe, enjoyable, and congenial experience
  • Introduce members to new places to paddle
  • Create opportunities for members to increase their paddling proficiency
  • Offer a central communication hub through our monthly meetings, newsletter, and website
  • Provide social, informational, and recreational gatherings associated with the sport of paddling

Most paddling trips take place on the lakes, rivers (Class I or lower), and coastal areas of northern California. Trip locations and dates are determined by a trip committee and at the suggestion of any club member. A leader volunteers or is appointed to organize each trip; however, each paddler is responsible for his or her own safety. We ask all paddlers to read and sign a liability waiver annually and before each paddling trip with SNCKC.